Kids of All Ages Will Love This Hilariously Fun Farting Animals Coloring Book! Enjoy Over 25 Fart Filled Coloring Pages Plus Some “Toot”ally Awesome Fart Activities & Fart Jokes Too!  Belly Laughs for the Whole Family!

This high-quality Animal Farts coloring book is stuffed with over 25 side-splitting illustrations that are outlined with thick chunky lines, making it easy and enjoyable for kids (young & old) to color.  Filled with a variety of hilarious gas-passing animals like a farting elephant, pig, dog, hippo, monkey and more, this unique coloring book will be a hit with anyone who loves a little roar from the rear!

This Animal Fart Activity Book for Kids features:

  • Over 25 kid-appropriate simple drawings like a farting rabbit playing tennis, a gas-passing hippo in a bikini, a flatulent flamingo and many more.
  • Hilarious word search puzzles featuring over 120 different fart-astic words — to build vocabulary of course!
  • Pages of fart jokes and riddles for laugh out loud fun for the whole family.
  • High quality glossy soft cover and large 8.5” x 11” sized sturdy pages for coloring.

Farting Animal/Funny Coloring Books for Kids are perfect:

  • Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers
  • Birthday Gifts For Kids & Adults
  • Fart Humor & Gag Gifts For Kids & Adults
  • Fart Joke Gifts
  • Easter Gifts & Basket Stuffers
  • Summer Travel & Vacation Fun
  • White Elephant & Secret Santa Gifts
  • Everyday Boredom Busters

Everyone will enjoy this funny coloring book for kids and adults!