Flashlight Gloves Fingerless Flashlight gloves

Flashlight Gloves Description:

Easy turn on and off.

Easy put on and take off.

Outdoor activities essential equipment.

Great tools when you fishing and repairing in darkness places. The light is one your finger which exactly.

Flashlight Gloves

Flashlight Gloves

Comfortable stretched neoprene material, with position adjustable magic strap.

Cool gloves make you a spy at night.

Lead the light to your operation area. No need hand to hold the torch for you.

Flashlight Gloves

Flashlight Gloves

COOL EQUIPMENT : Cool gloves make you a spy at night.Get the most out of everyday life with Coroler gloves.

DURABLE : Lightweight, breathable and flexible material are durable.

COMFORTABLE : Comfortable stretched soft cloth material, with position adjustable magic strap.

EASY TO USE : Super easy to operate, more easy to replace battery with screwdriver.Magic strap to wear removal more quickly and easily.

MULTIPLE USES : Suit for fishermen, gadget lover, law enforcement , network engineer, plumber, maintenance equipment, mountain camping, cycling and other outdoor activities or work lighting, etc.

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