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Hello and welcome. You have joined a fantastic community here with hot posts and images added daily. You can post anything you wish here (except anything hateful or racist), and with every post that you view, comment on or add yourself you will earn points.

The 3 members who earn the most points each month, (after we have hit 1,000 active members), will share in massive cash prizes, so log in daily and get involved. You can find the monthly leaderboard plus how you can earn points on our ‘Win Cash’ page here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you earn points?

You can see how to earn points on our ‘Win Cash’ page here

How much can you win?

You can the current prizes on our ‘Win Cash’ page here

How do we pay out to winners?

We will contact the top 3 points earners for each month and pay them out via Paypal or via vouchers (iTunes/Amazon/Google)

You cannot post your referral link to Facebook/Instagram?

We are too hot for some social media sites so you won’t be able to post your links in certain places. If this happens, then just send your friends emails with your referral link on it.

What can you post on TomAndDon?

Unlike most social media sits, you can post anything with us as members have the option whether to follow you or not. We only ask that you do not post anything that is hateful or racist etc. We want members to enjoy being here.

How can we pay out cash prizes?

just like any social media business we earn from members clicking on the ads that are shown throughout our website. The more members we have the more cash we will receive to offer to winners each month.



As a free TomAndDon member you earn points for viewing, commenting and posting as well as adding friends! Earn the most points each month and you could win huge cash prizes!

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